Product Description:

Drastically reduce your oxygen cost for E tanks of O2. Buy your oxygen in large H or M tanks and fill your small E or D tanks directly from the large tank. Device typically pays for itself after about 20 E tanks have been filled. Simple, safe and easy to use.

One side is a CGA-870 (medical oxygen fitting), with the standard 2 pins to attach a standard E or D tank and the other side is CGA-540 (standard oxygen fitting) that screws directly onto your large tank in place of your regulator. The unit allows you to transfill between equipment that has a CGA-870 (medical) fitting and a standard CGA-540 fitting. All connections are air-tight and the small tank side include a high quality brass/viton tank seal washer for repeated use.

Desciption of Stainless Steel PTFE Oxygen Hose:

Name Oxygen CGA540 Pigtail Hose
Gas type Oxygen, Argon, NO2
Inner Core PTFE/FEP Hose
Outer Braids SS304/316
Working Pressure 2,500 PSI, 3,000 PSI, 4,000 PSI
Filling Adapters CGA 540, CGA 870/Brass, Brass with Chrome/Stainless Steel
Application Filling Tanks/Cylinder