Weld on hydraulic fittings Description

Weld on hydraulic fittings are a type of fittings to weld on tubing or pipe. Weld on fittings are Easier to weld than butt-weld or socket-weld fittings and can create a permanent, leak-tight connection. Weld on adapters are mostly used for small diameter tubing. Weld on fittings are a ideal choice for high pressure hydraulic applications. Such as:

  • Conveying air, hydraulic fluid and water materials where no leakage can be permitted
  • Steam that is under 300 to 600 PSI
  • Applications where ASME tubing is used
  • Permanent pipe work systems

QC Hydraulics has been supplying high quality stainless steel weld on hydraulic fittings. Our stainless steel weld on fittings are manufactured from high quality stainless steel 316L to ensure the fittings can be used in harsh working environment. Like salty water, corrosion…

Specifications Of Weld on Fittings:

Material: Stainless Steel(SS304, SS316, SS316L)

Thread connection: NPT, JIC/AN, BSP

Features Of Weld On Fittings:

Easy to weld onto tubing

Leak-free weld

Applications of Weld On Fittings:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical Processing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Shipping Building

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