Wholesale Hydraulic BSP Fittings

BSP Hydraulic Fittings have a 55 degree thread angle and are widely used in hydraulic applications.

BSP Hydraulic Fittings includes two styles. BSPP(G) and BSPT.

BSPP is a pipe parallel thread that are used for fittings where pressure-tight joints are not made on the thread, i.e., a peripheral seal used. Such as, O-ring seal, Bonded Seal, and 60 degree cone seal.

BSPT is a pipe taper thread that can create a seal through its thread, and don’t need additional seals. Such as O-ring, bonded seal…

QC Hydraulics manufactures stainless steel BSP Hydraulic Fittings that are most popular in European countries.

BSP hydraulic Adapters available thread configurations:

  • BSP adapters Studs

  • BSP adaptor swivel
  • BSP adaptor union
  • BSP Swivel Male Stud NPT
  • BSP Plug
  • BSP Nut
  • BSP Elbow
  • BSP Tee
  • BSP Cross

Size Range:



Stainless Steel(SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L, SS 316Ti)

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