QC Hydraulics, SS Braided PTFE Hose  Manufacturer Since 1999

QC Hydraulics manufacture and supply PTFE hose, fittings and custom-manufactured hose assemblies for wholesalers, distributors, hose suppliers and OEMs worldwide. We aim to solve customer’s problems and grow customer’s market share. Let QC Hydraulics help you achieve business success.

QC Hydraulics, China OEM Distribution PTFE Hose Manufacturer

QC Hydraulics’s PTFE hoses and assemblies are ideal for extreme environments, including cryogenic and highly corrosive conditions. We offer smoothbore hoses for pressures up to 6000 psi and flexible convoluted hoses that resist kinking, available in conductive and non-conductive versions.

Our custom fittings come in NPT, JIC, BSP, Tube Stub and other thread types, specifically designed for each hose. We also fabricate custom PTFE hose assemblies, rigorously hydrostatically tested in-house to ensure they meet your exact requirements.

  • 20 year+ experience in fluid industry

  • Competitive wholesale pricing

  • FDA compliant PTFE material

  • Smoothbore & convoluted hose available
  • Custom-made lengths PTFE hose assemblies

  • PTFE hose assemblies are 100% tested and labeled

  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 9001:14001 Certified

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What’s Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hose?

SAE 100R14 hose, is also known as PTFE Braided Hose is a type of tubing made from a synthetic polymer called Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It is created by taking a length of PTFE tubing and wrapping it in a protective braid of metal or plastic. This braid helps to protect the tubing from external forces, such as pressure, abrasion, and temperature changes.

PTFE Braided Hose is used in a variety of industries and applications due to its flexibility, strength, and chemical resistance. Such as automotive fluids, oil, gas & chemical industry.

QC Hydraulics, Your Premier Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hose And Fittings Manufacturer

QC Hydraulics is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel hydraulic hose fittings, hydraulic adapters, tube fittings and PTFE hose assembly for over 20 years. Our outstanding team, state of the art technology, strict quality control, strong production capacity as well as professional service, enable us enjoying a great reputation in domestic and overseas.

Our products are widely recognized by those global hydraulic & industrial wholesalers/distributors and OEMs in the fields of hydraulic, pneumatic, oil & gas, chemical, marine and shipbuilding etc. Besides, we are also doing OEM service for several of worldwide big brand manufacturers of hydraulic fittings, which greatly reduce their production costs, and help them win more market share.

Now QC Hydraulics become more and more popular in high quality market overseas. We always meet even exceed customer’s expectations. QC Hydraulics is a reliable and trusted supplier of wholesalers, distributors and brand manufacturers of hose and fittings.

  • State of The Art Facilities

  • Over 20 years’ Manufacturing Experience

  • Highly strict Quality Control & Inspection

  • Annual production capacity Over 4.5 million of fittings

Technical Support

QC Hydraulics has the capability to engineer, design and manufacture from a concept to the real products.

Why Choose Us

Global Clients:

QC Hydraulics’ worldwide customers includes big wholesalers, distributors, big brand manufacturers of hose and fittings, and OEMs. Meanwhile, we are looking for worldwide reliable partners to distribute the stainless steel hydraulic fittings under our brand. If interested, please feel free to contact us for further negotiation.

Testimonials: We Add Value to Our Clients

We generate results for our customers

“I always believe in QC Hydraulics’ quality. My quality manager and I visited QC Hydraulics in 2016. We were very impressed by their advanced facilities, strict quality control and inspection procedures. Besides, when I ask a drawing or technical support from QC Hydraulics, they always response me in time. So far, we have been working with QC Hydraulics for over 7 years, they never let me down. We would definitely continue to buy more hydraulic fittings from QC Hydraulics.

Dorothee Jungeblodt , Germany

“I am very happy with the on time-delivery provided by QC Hydraulics and they are excellent in handling delivery requests every time. To ensure timely delivery, QC Hydraulics’ team have been working on effective arrangements and their service has a level of service that is well proven. The only issue is that sometimes their prices are a bit higher than other competitors, but overall, I would still choose QC Hydraulics because they offer fast response and always one-time delivery.

David Michael , America

frequently asked questions

For the popular sizes of SAE J514 adapters and 43 series hose fittings, we do keep some inventory for them. Even if we don’t have stock, we have commonly used raw materials stock, so we can make a very quick delivery time for the urgent orders.

No MOQ requests if we have the fittings in stock. If no stock, normally our MOQ is 200 pieces of each size. For the trial order, we can accept lower MOQ to start the cooperation. Like 100 or 50 pieces.

Hose: Firstly, when we receive a batch of hoses from our supplier, we cut off 1 meter from each roll to do pressure testing.

At 1.5 times the working pressure, maintain pressure for 3 minutes.

And then increase the pressure until the hose bursts and record the burst pressure.

Here’s a video for the pressure testing.

Hose assembly: we conduct 100% pressure test for each hose assembly before delivery.

Yes, we do. When we develop a new hose fitting, we first make some hose assemblies to do impulse test before releasing to market.

It depends on the order volume and if we have them in stock or not. If we have the fittings you are looking for in stock, we can ship it within 1 working day after receiving the PO. If we don’t have the fittings in stock, normally it takes 7-45 days for production that depends on the order volume.

30% down payment in advance, balance payment against the copy of BOL. But for the serious buyer, we are open to discuss the more flexible payment terms.

Consistent high quality

On-time delivery

Excellent service

Friendly compliant policy

Competitive price

Yes we can, actually we are also doing OEM service for several of worldwide big brand manufacturers of stainless steel hydraulic fittings, which greatly reduce their production costs, and help them win more market share.

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